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MHS Still Orion

2016 Leopard Stallion
LP/n  n/PATN1
5 panel negative
Ee aa
Studs available for the breeding are: MHS Still Orion. Orion is a very loud black and white leopard that is solidly built. O'rion is 100 percent Foundation Pedigree Designation, GAP 5 elegibile, and FAHR number 93.75. This young stallion is loaded with who's who in the Appaloosa world. He pedigree . We are excited to see what he puts on the ground in 2020. O'rion is a sweet as he is calm. Stud fee $600. 

Ghostdance Sovo

2014 NC Stallion
N/N  N/N
5 Panel Negative
​Ee aa
Sovo is 100% FPD and GAP 5 elegible. This amazing stalling stands just at 16 hands and is a solid boy. He has been some remarkable foals on the ground with excellent confirmation, intelligence, and color. Sovo is a handsom jet black stallion that has a solid build and stands 15'3. Sovo is EE aa and carries no LP or PATN. Sovo is the perfect stallion for any fewspot mare and is guaranteed to put color into these foals. He has consistently put beautifully colored foals with execellent build on the ground. Stud Fee $600.AI and Live coverage 

MHS Miracle Warrior​​​​​​​​​​

2016 Fewspot Stallion
5 panel negative
​Ee Aa

Finally, we offer for the first time, MHS Miracle Warrior. Warrior is a 100% FPD stallion that is Homozygous for LP and PATN making him the perfect cross to the solid mare as you are guaranteed spots. He is heterzygous black. Ee Aa. We are looking forward to having amazing home grown stallion in our breeding program. He is gentle, smart, and well put together. Warrior is so easy going, he was ridden for the first time bareback and bridleless in the middle of the pasture. Who knew he would do so well? Stud fee $400. 

Contact us for stud service. We offer live cover and AI. LFG If in The US