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We were so excited to meet our first beautiful foal of the year, A stunning filly out of  our mare LVR Silver Dice and sire CTR super Sonic. Foaled March 28th, 2017 at 4am. This little girl couldn't wait to get her long legs running. She made her mother dizzy running circles around her. Her legs seemed to be as long as her Dams at birth. We expect her to mature to around 15 hands plus. These photos are taken at just two weeks and you can see the size of her already. She is a gorgeous black with a beautiful lacy blanket, She has a wonderful hip and strong bone. She has a  delicate refined head on her which gives her a beautiful feminine look. She has an awesome disposition. and has already been practicing lifting up her feet up for farrier work, and also halter and lead training. She loves attention but she sure also  loves to run, full of life and speed. We can foresee her making someone a great eventing or contesting horse. Lace is now located in South Dakota, at DakotaSky Appaloosa


aka  LACE