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Joiful Jisselle aka Jesse was born on April 22nd 2017. This was a special night because we had a feeling our girl O'Joi was going to foal. Once she bagged up, we called and asked permission from two 4h parents if their daughters could spend the night and witness the birth of a foal. What a sight to behold for all of us. We finally got our spots. While we love all of our diverse coat patterns we have here at MHS, we have yet to have had a loepard or near leapard born here. We could not believe it when we saw this gorgeous girl enter the world. The minute she was born we knew we could not part ways with her and sell her.  We plan on keeping this girl out of  O'Joi to carry on the great  pedigree of her dams who traces back to F letter horses. We hope to carry on her bloodlines through this beautiful  black near leopard precious girl. She has so much curiousity and loves to lick faces and give hugs. Again we are seeing long legs and delicate refined head so far with this foal crop, we could not be happier and more blessed. Love this little girl and her playful disposition. 

A "Joiful" experience for these two 4H girls