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Foals of 2017

LVR Silver Dice and CTR Super Sonic started off our first foal of the season with a beauty. We fell in love with her the moment she came out. We could not believe how tall she was, her legs came full length to her mothers, making her a little more wobbliy. It wasn't long before she was off and sprinting  laps on those gorgeous legs. She is full of life, driving her mom crazy, a beautiful black coat with a lacy blanket. Click on her name for further details, pedigree, and information. SOLD
CTR Super Sonic X O Joi

WE finally have spots. I thought I was seeing things. Jisselle is out of one our older brood mares whom we purchased off of Verna Roberts last year with a beautiful leopard colt at her side. Unfortunatly we had to put him down just prior to being a year old. When Jisselle was born, we couldn't be more pleased to see her brothers kind eye and beautiful face like their mothers. Jisselle will be kept by MHS and carry on her mothers amazing bloodlines. This picture is taken at only 2 days old and you can see she is already going to be a shining star. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us with this one, but i am sure it includes trail riding at home and the show ring. Please click on her name for more pictures and pedigree information. Again, This filly is being retained
​​ MHS Shi Buckeye
CTR Super Sonic X Shi Lah Lee BluBay. 

Finally, a true leopard foal. This black leopard colt was full of energy from the minute he was born. Buckeye was so curious as soon as he got on his feet he began noseing and smelling our hands and eager to be loved on. Unfortunately he was born with complications that resulted in surgery at Ohio State, which is why he is named Buckeye. He came out with flying colors and has turned out to be a sweet, gentle gelding for the grandchildren here at Mount Hope Stables.